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According to the injunctions of the Vedas, the worship of
the pitrs is more important than that of the Gods. Therefore
being devoted to (the service of) the pitrs, give (the offerings
of the sraddha* to the devotees of Vismi who have attained
tranquillity by the study of the Vedas, and the practice of
virtue and ta_pas.                                                                    (7%\

Give alias for the protection of Brahmans ; acquire know-
ledge for the protection of the self ; and take refuge with great
devotion under Narayana ; for you cannot escape hell which
Ľurely awaits you at the end of your reign by any other

The devotion of a wife to her husband, the observance, by
men and women, of the rule of consanguinity, the control of
the self of the ascetic, the obedience of the lower to the upper
castes, and the faithfulness of the servant to the master, are all
due to the fear of the punishment inflicted by the king. (74)

Strangely enough, (the king) maintains law (dharma) by
killing (criminals); observes brahmacarya by having intercourse
with his wife (on proper occasions); becomes truthful by
uttering falsehood (in order to save the life of another); fasts
by eating (only twice a day); becomes a hero by avoiding
(fight with elders), and rich by spending money (on good
deeds).                                                                                (75)

A spy should be the resident of the king's capital ; he should
know (several) languages, and be unknown to other spies.
Moreover, he should bear no external marks of identity and be
able to give money beyond the expectations of others (in
obtaining information). (Unless he is enabled by the king) to
spend ao much money, he will not enter the profession. (76)

Aa the king, is attached to (such luxuries) as massage, bath,
foodj unguent, dress, flowers, etc., suitable to the seasons he
should acquire the merit derived from ascetic practices, by
gifts of money only.

^ A* the food consumed  by the king consists of several
desirable that he should dine either at